A lorry has spilled “chicken litter” across a distance of 8km between Co. Monaghan and Cavan on the N54, Monaghan County Council has said.

Clones town was hit the “worst” when a lorry carrying load which appears to be chicken litter spilled onto the road, the council said in a statement to Agriland.

The litter has been cleared up by the council and the road between Clones and Butlersbridge, Co. Cavan was reopened following closure due to hazardous road conditions.

Monaghan County Council said the “emergency road closure” was in effect from approximately 9:30a.m until 5:00p.m yesterday (Wednesday, April 26) due to the spillage.

It is understood the lorry which was 40ft long spilled bits and pieces along the road until the lorry pulled off the main road and crossed over into Northern Ireland.

Dumped chicken bones

Earlier this month, Meath County Council confirmed that it has launched an investigation into the discovery of about 50kg of dumped chicken bones.

The poultry waste was found overflowing from packaging on the road outside a dairy farm in the Kentstown area, adjacent to fields of grazing livestock.

chicken bones
Picture of the dumped chicken bones and meat outside the farm. Image: Shane Corbally Twitter

The manager of the nearby farm expressed his anger over the incident, which he believes was intentional, stating that it’s unlikely a vehicle carrying this type of produce would be passing through the quiet area.

He also expressed major concern over the spread of diseases such as botulism and salmonella, and reported the incident to Gardaí, which referred the matter to the council.