Rural communities are “under attack” from all sides and are an “afterthought” for mainstream political parties.

That is according to one independent TD who has unveiled plans for a potential new political party.

The Independent TD for Cork south-west, Michael Collins, together with two other independent TDs is working on establishing a new “revolutionary movement” to give rural and regional communities a “strong and influential voice” after the next general election.

Deputy Collins has joined forces with the Independent TD for Tipperary, Mattie McGrath and the Independent TD for Limerick county, Richard O’Donoghue, to canvass potential candidates who could represent the new party in both local and European elections next year.

Deputy Collins said:

“Our objective is to be a voice for change for rural communities by running over 20 general election candidates in the next general election while revolutionizing the Irish political landscape.

“”Our objectives are to be a staunch independent and community voice inside the next government if we can win enough seats.

“Currently, rural Ireland is being left behind by the establishment parties and the government’s cult-like obsession with climate change and its dire consequences for all rural communities.”

Independent TD for Cork south west Michael Collins Source: Oireachtas

According to the Independent TD for Cork south-west there is a strong appetite for a new political party with a rural focus because people living in rural areas feel isolated.

“Rural communities and regions are under attack from all sides, and genuine concerns are being silenced instead of being listened to.

“The push to tax motorists off the roads, drive down nitrogen-based emissions, end turf cutting, and reduce livestock herds by stealth is not what any government should be doing, ” Deputy Collins said.

In his opinion “successive governments have almost exclusively focused on Dublin” .

Deputy Collins added:

“Rural communities have become an afterthought, with mainstream political parties showing up at election time and making glib promises to do better next time. This, coupled with the green agenda, is suffocating rural Ireland.

“As rural independent TDs we see a realization across Ireland that climate policies are deeply damaging to rural communities and regions If elected to the next government, rural independent TDs will demand a complete renegotiation of all climate change policies.”

Meanwhile the Independent TD for Roscommon-Galway, Michael Fitzmaurice, has also said that he firmly believes Ireland “needs a completely new type of party, from the bottom up” that listens to farmers and the rural community.

Deputy Fitzmaurice believes said a new political party could be “a new force for rural communities”.

Separately another group of people have formed, what they have described as a “grassroots” party to support “farmers and the ordinary people of rural Ireland”.

The “Roots Party” have said they are a group of “farmers, students and workers” who “envision a farmer led sustainable agricultural revolution leading on to a green industrial revolution”.

The group said it is proposing ” a real strategy for development of our economy that supports the farmer, the worker and the consumer”.